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Brand Masters

Tenfold elevates companies’ brand experiences by enhancing their physical environments. So where do they go when they want to elevate the brand experience of their own space?

They go to D3.

By applying the dynamics of technology and corporate culture, Tenfold gets an assist from D3 to help clients generate a space where they can benefit from strategic risk-taking, stronger morale, better customer service, and beyond.

With digital display technology from D3, Tenfold brings life and texture through a visual element called The Looking Glass, a window to the soul of an organization that helps leaders create an authentic and connected work experience.

In Tenfold’s Kitchen, a cozy spot where they cook up concepts and strategies, the D3® NVIEW® UHD LED Display NV2.0 shows images at their best, while the Studio presents to clients via the D3® NVIEW® UHD LED Display NV1.3. The D3® TrueControl Display Manager and D3® AEP™ Plus Control Management Solution keep the programs running smoothly.