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Venn TV | Los Angeles, CA

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Esports & Entertainment News for a New Generation

VENN, (Video Game Entertainment and News Network) is a new 24/7 network for gaming, streaming, esports, and entertainment audiences. Powered by D3’s cutting edge LED and control systems technology, VENN is universally distributed across a broad range of media platforms, creating a frictionless “watch everywhere, instantly” viewing experience for the digital generations. VENN offers original programming produced in-house with some of the biggest names and creators across the gaming, pop culture, and lifestyle spaces.

Located on the west side of LA, the studio was designed to be ultra-flexible to accommodate a mix of talk shows, news shows, game shows, and variety shows, as well as live music performances in the same footprint. VENN is led by gaming veterans Ariel Horn and Ben Kusin. Their goal was to develop leading-edge content for the millennial and Gen Z cultures. Plans for their NYC studio is underway for roll out in 2021.

D3 Difference

In partnering with Develin Design Group, D3 outfitted VENN’s Studio with more than 1,000 sq. ft. and 30 million pixels and features 4 LED displays, as well as a floor composed of D3’s NVIEW UHD 1.6 mm panels. The studio allows VENN to offer something unique, content to both linear and streaming audiences – built for the new generation anycast audience. The vertically integrated LED/Video processor & Media Server running D3® TrueControl Display Manager, enables all five LED display surfaces to be fully activated in a 54 Million pixel canvas for creative content placement and control of all shows.

Another incredible feat is how the studio was designed and built amid the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the first — if not the only — new network facility to launch during the pandemic, VENN had to drastically rethink the way studios and control rooms were laid out. Original plans were pushed up almost 3 months and the studio was built and launched in about 45 days. The outcome is a studio that blends technology and flexibility to create something that stands alone in the industry.

The Specs: How We Did It

  • D3® NVIEW® NV1.6 HD LED Display
  • 645 modules displaying 29,174,400 pixels, manipulated within a 54 million pixel canvas
  • D3® AEP-IMSvertically integrated LED/Video processor and Media Server running D3® TrueControl Display Manager

GMA | NT 2.6


MLBN | NV 2.5