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Tenfold: Elevating the Branded Space Experience

Branding and identity systems speak to the design of business entities, as does a business’s physical environment. That’s where Tenfold comes into play.

By its own definition, “Tenfold is an award-winning strategy + creative firm that enables clients to live the brand through the creation of an inspired culture narrative and branded space design.”

To be clear, Tenfold is not an interior design firm. Instead, it dives deep into a business’s psyche and spirit to help create a culture of empowerment; that is, a set of organizational values, policies, and practices marked by granting authority, power, and ownership to others across levels.

Tech at the Forefront

By applying the virtues of technology and the dynamics of sophisticated organizational development, Tenfold helps clients generate an environment that encourages people to bring forth new ideas and practices; assists others with accomplishing more; and celebrates strategic risk-taking, even to the point of providing critical feedback to teammates and those higher up the corporate ladder.

Tenfold uses digital display technology, from D3 to deliver life, texture, and awe-inspiring scale to a space. Through a visual element they call The Looking Glass, Tenfold provides a window to the soul of an organization, empowering leaders with the opportunity to authentically create a connected work experience.

By teaming up with D3 and our expertise in dynamic digital display technology, Tenfold is equipped to offer its clientele an all-inclusive, ultra-simple solution that features hardware, software, installation, and ongoing service and support.

Changing Culture: Easier Said Than Done?

In a word, yes. But then again, great feats like this take supreme effort and calculation — and technology from D3. Tenfold says to “start small, focus on the whys (with the hows not far behind), and be supportive and reassuring. ‘No one will be fired for trying’ is a powerful, motivating statement. Also aim for continuous improvement, and communicate that idea widely — there’s no final destination when it comes to culture, just works in progress.”

The Specs: How We Did It

Kitchen Display

  • D3® NVIEW® Dynamic LED Display 2.0
  • Resolution: 1,080 X 1,760 pixels

Studio Display

  • D3® NVIEW® Dynamic LED Display 1.3
  • Resolution: 1,080 X 1,920 pixels

Control Systems and Software Solutions