Project Description

Smart Cities | Digital Banner Initiative

Smart Cities Digital Banner Network Engineering Breakthrough

D3 LED and Itron have integrated D3’s True Control and True Enterprise Global Sign Fleet Management software platforms over Itron’s multi-application IoT Network and SLV central management smart cities software application. Utilizing an on-board Itron Edge router, D3’s digital software platforms push digital image and video content securely and reliably to an entire fleet of connected digital displays. Smart cities data from any number of applications connected on the Itron network can be used to generate and display images and message citywide.

As a US-based LED manufacturer with nearly a quarter century of outdoor digital displays experience, D3’s expertise, reliability and technological superiority lead to its unique partnership with Itron. The challenges faced to transfer digital file data over Itron’s network were significant, but the engineering collaboration between the two companies proved equal to the task. This is a game-changer for mesh network digital signage.

The Linux-based IoT Edge Router enables cities, utilities and enterprises to connect any IP device to the Itron network, enhancing the performance, reliability and security while reducing cost. It replaces costly single-purpose and over-crowded and costly cellular networks, providing visibility, manageability and insight across all connected devices in a single unified platform. Data collected from any number of applications running on Itron’s SLV application can generate and create digital messaging in real time.

Scheduled & Trigger Based Content

Public Service Announcements

  • Real time and scheduled messaging to the general population.


  • Generate revenue and promote local businesses.

Emergency Alerts

  • Pair with the Emergency Alert System for critical notifications.

Third Party Device Upgrades

  • Embed cameras, sensors or even emergency call buttons for added functionality.

Smart Parking

  • Give drivers real-time availability updates.

Smart Traffic

  • Report on accidents, construction or heavy traffic.

Amber Alerts

  • Alert the public about abductions or missing children.

Air Quality Data

  • Air quality sensors provide health related air quality data.

Flood Alerts

  • Storm and flood warnings including water levels from flood sensors

Gunshot Detection

  • Alert police and the general public about nearby gun shots.

Display Technology

Control System and Software Solution