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MLB NETWORK STUDIO 21 | Seacaucus, New Jersey

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MLB Network: The Wind-up and the Pixel Pitch

MLB Network built a 40,000 square-foot building next door to its headquarters and studio. The focus of the new facility is a state-of-the-art 8,000-square foot studio home to three shows daily. Named in honor of Hall of Famer and beloved humanitarian Roberto Clemente, Studio 21 innovates how MLB Network presents studio programming. Five or more multi-camera studio positions and cutting-edge technology adapt to any show, story or ball club, from hanging video displays to augmented reality graphic components.

Virtual Baseball Reality and Royalty

Since its creation in 2009, Studio 42 covered the bases as a replica baseball field, while the new Studio 21 combines elements of a traditional ballpark with the very latest in TV technology. The walls of the studio resemble the exterior of a ballpark, including an 1,800-square-foot courtyard, six-foot-tall entrance gates, and a brick-patterned floor. Given its namesake, the studio design pays tribute to Roberto Clemente with a seven-foot bronze medallion bearing his uniform number 21, and a 15-foot-wide Studio 21 sign in the Pittsburgh Pirates’ signature block lettering at the entrance. Photos of Clemente are featured throughout the space. His is one of five framed jerseys on display, among those of fellow Hall of Famers Hank Aaron, Lou Gehrig, Tony Gwynn and Kirby Puckett.

D3 Brings It Home

Developed and commissioned by D3’s partner AV Design Services, the walls of the studio are lined with nearly 1,400 square feet of high-resolution LED displays. Content includes game highlight reels, network branding, and green screen effects with background imagery simulating a hallway behind the brick wall to make the studio appear more expansive.

“For projects of the scope and magnitude of the Major League Baseball Network’s new Studio 21 project it was imperative that AVDS leverage the engineering expertise of a trusted partner like D3,” stated Jim Landy, managing partner of AV Design Services. “The D3 engineering team understands the intricacies of this type of design coupled with the importance of the complex integration requirements. The combination of quality product, coupled with detailed pre- and post-install engineering, and skilled technicians all lead to premier broadcast-quality results. AVDS is proud to have partnered with D3 LED on many broadcast projects through the years and looks forward to working together for many years to come.”

The Specs: How We Did It

Skybox Display

Left, Center & Right Field Displays

  • D3® NVIEW® UHD LED Display NV2.5
  • 1,440 x 2,080 pixels each

Bowtie Arch Left & Right Displays

  • D3® NVIEW® UHD LED Display NV2.5
  • 1,440 x 1,120 pixels each

Bowtie & Ballroom Interview Displays

  • D3® NVIEW® UHD LED Display NV2.5
  • 840 pixels x 960 pixels each

Banner Displays

  • D3® NVIEW® UHD LED Display NV2.5
  • 120 x 1,280 pixels each double sided

Ball Wall Display

Control Systems and Software Solutions