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HUDSON YARDS | New York City, New York

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Massive Messaging

Hudson Yards is a remarkable new neighborhood on Manhattan’s West Side that’s home to Time Warner, HBO, L’Oreal, and many other household names. With 28 acres of residences, retail spaces, restaurants, offices, and cultural enticements, it’s pumped-up excitement at every turn of the 18-million square-foot site.

Take Vessel, for instance, the extraordinary spiral-stairway centerpiece designed for seeing the sights from a popular new perspective on high. With 154 interconnecting flights and 80 landings, you’ll see the city, the river, and beyond like never before.

You’ll also see D3’s efforts at work via the immersive, site-wide visual display system, including two pairs of double screens three stories tall at the main entrances. This network of digital video, LED text displays, and touchscreen kiosks are installed throughout Hudson Yards.

Our technology is at the heart of directing traffic to the boutiques, while promoting must-have merchandise. D3 displays help visitors navigate and wayfind around the widespread Hudson Yards site. D3’s Hudson Yard displays also function like the proverbial retail greeters, providing massive messaging as tourists wend their way to the Vessel and elsewhere.

Within the first three months of Hudson Yards’s opening, the digital display network exceeded launch expectations with more than one-million interactions from people searching where to eat and what to see and do at Hudson Yards.

Three Stories Tall: Visitors Get the Message

The master-planned community has a collection of interactive kiosks and large-format digital signage throughout the neighborhood, advertising at Hudson Yards and on the High Line for the first time.

Interested and engaged audiences view D3’s outdoor displays in locations selected by D3 partner, Intersection, a technology and media company for the public sector. Along with advertising, visitors use D3 displays to navigate Hudson Yards.

For optimal impact, D3 installed a massive digital wall — 32 feet tall and delivered in 2.6mm high resolution, the first of its kind at that pixel pitch. Clearly, these inescapable displays are capable of capturing attention and not letting it go. Visitors and residents can enjoy video and dynamic content through the network of digital walls that distribute creative across the retail and entertainment development.

D3 also created, fabricated, and installed interior displays as well. The concierge desk area, for example, has touch screens and an LCD video wall. In some instances, installation was on a very small footprint, requiring extensive coordination with other trades constructing Hudson Yards.

The Specs: How We Did It

Exterior Video Wall

  • D3® XTECH® Dynamic LED Display 2.6 SMD
  • 7 modules wide x 13 modules high
  • Total modules: 91
  • 1,248 pixels high x 672 pixels wide
  • Total pixels: 838,656

Interior Displays
Retail Podium LED Displays Northeast

  • D3® NVIEW® Dynamic LED Display 2.5
  • 7 modules wide x 27 modules high
  • Total modules: 189
  • 3,888 pixels high x 1,792 pixels wide
  • Total pixels: 6,967,296

Retail Podium LED Displays Southeast  (x2)

  • D3® NVIEW® Dynamic LED Display 2.5
  • 4.5 modules wide x 24 modules high
  • Total modules: 96
  • 3,456 pixels high x 1,152 pixels wide
  • Total pixels: 3,981,312

Retail Podium LCD Wall South East and South West (x3)

  • 4 wide x 2 high
  • 55” LCD displays

Retail Podium LCD Wall North

  • 3 wide x 3 high
  • 55” LCD displays

Control System and Software Solution



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