Project Description

EXPRESS | Union Square – San Francisco, California

Display Collection
Controls System
Software Solution

D3 on the Express Way

When EXPRESS opened its flagship store in San Francisco’s famed Union Square, they came to D3 to elevate the customer experience. D3 introduced two custom high-resolution LED displays, setting the tone that this is no ordinary shopping trip.

Featuring the latest EXPRESS store design, the 15,726 square-foot-location reflects an elevated in-store experience. Elements of refined chic combined with forward-thinking design are showcased to create a singular space and sense of style.

Ahead of the Curves

We used our indoor 4mm high-resolution LED display solution — the D3® NCORE® UHD LED Display — to create two distinct digital canvases for EXPRESS to feature highly stylized brand imagery and to enrich the in-store customer experience.

A massive digital LED column, standing more than 113-feet tall, welcomes visitors to EXPRESS Union Square with high-definition content highlighting the brand’s four lifestyles.

At installation, D3’s curved 4mm high-resolution LED column was the only one of its kind in the world having a 36-inch or less convex radius, landing us in the Wall Street Journal. Above the store’s cash wrap area, D3 designed a stunning 122-square foot 4mm high-resolution LED display that creates a branded focal wall visible from any point on the store’s main floor.

Custom-tailored Collaboration

Due to the high-level customization required by the project, EXPRESS sought a company that could deliver state-of-the-art display systems — and serve as a committed partner throughout the entire complicated process.

D3’s highly skilled project team participated in a collaborative manner with EXPRESS on several aspects of the project. From initial design to ribbon cutting, D3 provided a full range of insights into the operation and long-term sustainability of the display program. The result? EXPRESS Union Square remains a model of flagship design from its initial launch to today and beyond.

The Specs: How We Did It

Cash Wrap Display

Column Display

  • D3® NCORE® UHD LED Display NC4.0
  • 1,024 x 544 pixels with a 36″ convex radius

Control System and Software Solution

  • D3® AEP™ Advanced Element Processor controls both displays
  • D3® TrueControl Display Manager delivers content across the two displays