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Solve Tricky Viewing Angles with D3 Patented LED Displays

When the UK’s leading outdoor media companies need to install large-scale displays high above a high-traffic thoroughfare, they call on D3 LED.

In Birmingham, D3 installed a pair of identical LED displays on Broad Street — suspended seven meters above traffic on both sides of the Convention Centre’s pedestrian bridge.

To make sure the messages hit their mark, each display has a unique patented louver design for proper viewing at extreme angles. D3® XVIEW® LED Displays XV10, D3® AEP™ Advanced Element Processor, and D3® TrueControl Display Manager get the job done.

Some of the world’s most notable brands took note, parading image and product advertising to many thousands of vehicles and pedestrians daily. We’d like to do the same for you, in the UK, the USA, and wherever you need us to be.