Impossible-to-ignore LED eyes greet travelers and commuters at Birmingham, England’s Grand Central Station’s three entrances. Showing full-motion video and graphics, the mesmerizing almond-shaped displays add a contemporary flair to the revamped New Street station.

As the largest and most active of Birmingham’s depots, New Street is the central hub of the entire British railway system, moving 80 percent of the nation’s train service.

Inside, transparent Mesh LED technology allows a see-through effect that seemingly opens the wall so natural light can stream into the station, while high-quality visual content plays outside to entice, inform, and entertain.

Impressive 16mm outdoor displays with nearly one-million pixels are ideally suited for full-motion capabilities and striking visuals. The D3® XSERIES® Dynamic LED Displays XV16 & XM16 work in concert with Mesh LED technology, a D3® AEP™ Advanced Element Processor that manages the ellipse-shaped screens, and D3® TrueControl Software that delivers content across three massive high-traffic displays.