Porcelanosa has built a reputation the world over as the premier resource for premium tile, kitchen, and bath products.

Architects, designers, builders, and homeowners have trusted the brand for years, counting on Porcelanosa for its exceptional quality of aesthetics, materials, and elegance.

When it was time to install a high-resolution LED video wall in its chic Fifth Avenue flagship showroom to present product simulations in new homes and remodels, Porcelanosa selected D3.

The magnitude alone of the 25-foot-high x 16-foot-wide state-of-the-art interior video wall is breathtaking. The spectacular size is amplified by the display’s high resolution and stunning graphics — all of which generate a visual impact that is impressive and unforgettable.

A matrix of D3® NCORE® HD LED NC2.5 Displays make up the wall’s visual surface, which surpasses project requirements, melds into the site’s unique needs, and blends effortlessly into the gallery.

Discover more about this and other D3 components worthy of the NYC Porcelanosa LED video wall.