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The Prescription for the Ordinary

Project Description

Walgreens, America's #1 drug store, lacked a presence in Times Square for decades. When they returned to the "Crossroads of the World," they wanted to make a huge statement. Naturally, D3 had the prescription—17,000 square feet of digital displays with one appreciable side effect—more customer traffic.

D3 made Walgreens a first of its kind display—actually 29 displays—in a variety of shapes, sizes and resolutions choreographed and controlled through one centrally located, high-powered, custom-designed, media operating system. The 29 displays feature 12 million LEDs, linked together with 16 miles of electrical cable, and held together by nearly half a million nuts and bolts.

The 30-story tall twin diagonal "slash" spectaculars grab viewers' attention from across the street as well as across town with unique viewing angles and seamless streaming content.

Guaranteed Not to Cause Drowsiness

Display Facts


Outdoor 24mm
Outdoor 12mm
Outdoor 10mm
Indoor 6mm


4,180px x 10,010px
920px x 1,720px

"D3's design team provided solutions for the vast amount of mechanical and technical challenges of the project."
-Gilmore Group, Partner with D3 on Walgreens