Award-Winning Partners, Jaw-Dropping Booth

Friday, June 29, 2018

The 2018 Interactive Customer Experience Summit was held in Dallas June 12-14—and was more inspiring than ever.

D3 was proud to partner with event sponsor Reflect, which was well deserving of the Elevate Award it received for its extraordinary Polaris Retail Experience. The two companies shared a booth that offered visitors a variety of engaging exhibits, including D3’s breathtaking UHD HDR (ultra-high-definition, high-dynamic-range) LED video wall, showcasing brand content in eye-popping detail and color. Though the display seemed larger than life, it was built with surprisingly slim NView modules that can be either recessed or wall mounted.

The video wall allowed summit-goers to generate their own alternative digital world and design their own Polaris vehicles. It also provided a fun photo op where visitors could take a supersized selfie and share their content creations with the rest of the world.

Shattering corporate expectations, Capital One’s flagship location redefines the banking experience through a flowing array of LED spectaculars.

Solutions to the Previously Unthinkable

At D3, we love making customer experiences unique. For more design ideas, and to see what today’s LED can really do, take a leisurely tour through some of our most interesting projects.

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