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Monday, June 28, 2010

D3 LED Dazzles Again with Times Square's Most Visually Interactive Display

NEW YORK – June 28, 2010 – For many, a stroll down Broadway provides a visual tapestry of lights and billboards woven with retail shops, street vendors, office buildings and the hustle and bustle of New York City life. Now, after the opening of the new Forever 21 flagship retail store last Friday, the district's landscape fabric is 'Forever' changed. This must-visit retail destination breaks the mold of traditional LED display spectaculars in Times Square with custom display configurations and interactive elements never before seen in the Crossroads of the World. To the D3 design team, it's just another D3 LED breakthrough display.

It ain't your typical humongous flat screen LED display! Piercing through the 1,380 square foot center display is an LED infused 21' high, "21" giving the display a 3D effect. The dual resolution of the main screen and the "21" is nothing short of D3 art, a combination of 8mm and 40mm resolution. A stand out below the main screen are the 7' LED animated letters spelling FOREVER with more 40mm LED display clusters. And then there's the canopy – flowing from exterior to interior, shrouded in 10mm SMD LEDs - all four sides and the underside too. And what would a D3 Times Square LED spectacular be without a little piece of trim? On opposite ends of the main entrance 10mm LED displays rise 20' up the facade. There's more. Wrapping the main screen and descending the street level is just over 200' of an LED lit edge-frame system employing 20mm LED display modules.

Known for their custom design expertise, D3 has built some of the most complex LED display spectaculars in Times Square. "After building the 17,000 square foot Walgreens display in 2008, we didn't expect anything could top that," said George Pappas, managing partner, D3 LED. "Forever 21 brought us an amazing, yet extremely complex design. Our engineering team delivered some progressive solutions that met the design, without compromise," added Pappas.

Adding to the visual dynamics is the 'game changing' interactive capabilities. D3's technology guru and managing partner Meric Adriansen was enlisted by Space 150 (the content and interactive development company out of Minneapolis) to collaborate on the hardware and integration with the display system. "I've been experimenting with interactive content in Times Square since 2001 and this project jumps to the front of the pack in innovation. Only one week since the grand opening and already the display is the most visually interactive in Times Square," added Adriansen.

Space 150's campaign features a live shot of the street in front of the store on Broadway. Then a model walks onto the screen and begins interacting with the crowd. She does a number of things including taking Polaroids of the crowds which then appear on the screen, plucking people to put in a Forever 21 bag and also tucking people insider her hat. "Nothing to date has generated the crowds and the buzz of this interactive campaign. The technology driving the program is quite complex, however the results speak volumes," added Adriansen.

D3 continues to lead the market as the most disruptive force in the design and engineering of LED displays, content management and operating control systems. With three more major spectaculars in Times Square launching later this year, D3 has become the dominant leader for innovation, design, performance and service.

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