Huge Times Square Sign Uses LED Technology

Monday, June 02, 2008

"Using more than two million bright, low-cost, light-emitting diodes, engineers have created a 3,200-sq-ft “super sign” capable of displaying full-motion, high-definition video." —Design News

From Design News

Located in the Times Square area of New York City, the sign provides a dramatic improvement in resolution over its predecessor, largely because LEDs have dropped steeply in price over the past seven years.

“The reduction in cost of LEDs has allowed us to push the envelope and improve the resolution,” says Meric Adriansen, founding partner of D3 LED, the digital display company that designed the sign for the American Broadcasting Company (ABC).

D3 LED pushed the envelope by decreasing the dot pitch between the LEDs. Instead of the 50-mm pitch used on a 1999 version of the sign, the company’s engineers used a 10-mm pitch. In essence, that meant the new sign had a 25-fold increase in LEDs ( five times as many devices in the vertical and horizontal directions). Adriansen says such an increase was possible because LEDs now cost about one-third as much as they did in 1999.

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