Good Morning, Times Square

Sunday, February 03, 2008

"As a media façade, the ABC Times Square Studios’ LED display is a sight to behold. Nine, curvilinear, horizontal, LED video ribbons undulate around the facade’s front." —Signweb

From Signweb

ABC’s Good Morning America, the building presents what seems to be a gigantic TV screen that displays network news and upcoming program and entertainment previews. Actually, the display, the only LED sign in the world that’s integrally involved with a major-TV-network program, is trailblazing the future of media-façade-based “performance signage.”

Easily seen throughout Times Square, the display broke ground as a media façade, a term that describes an LED video display that completely covers a building’s front cladding. Media facades now proliferate on Times Square to capitalize on the area’s advertising clout.

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