D3 Redefines Digital Out-of-home Display Experience

Monday, January 24, 2011

D3 LED, LLC (D3), the world’s leader in specialized LED digital display applications, announced the debut of the largest continuous surface digital LED screen to date in New York’s Times Square.

D3 Redefines Digital Out-of-home Display Experience;Debuts Largest Continuous Surface Digtial LED Screen in Square The custom display, located at 1568 Broadway above the entrance to the Doubletree Hotel at West 47th Street, was designed and engineered by D3 for its client, TSQ Digital, and measures 100 feet wide by 50 feet high. It was designed to serve multiple advertisers, and is capable of exchanging data transmitted via cell phones and broadcasting HD video feeds, creating a unique interactive advertising platform for third-party advertisers. On New Year’s Eve, live Twitter feeds could actually be seen streaming on the display as revelers looked on.

“D3’s proprietary digital technology allows advertisers to create interactive and customizable branding experiences for consumers,” said Jason Barak, D3 managing partner. “Our newest LED display system at 1568 Broadway is a real game changer, and it absolutely raises the bar in the digital display space.”

The 82,000 lb. display uses 5 million LEDs, enough to circle the entire island of Manhattan if laid end-to-end. These LEDs are configured into 3200 of D3’s 10mm TE modules that are housed in 18 individual cabinets. The display is 4x HD resolution, and its Front End system was designed by D3 to drive the display at very high frame rates. Additionally, a live 3G-HDSDI video production studio enables the display to be utilized for live events in Times Square.

D3 has been setting the gold standard in digital display since it was founded in 2005. The Company is responsible for designing and engineering more than 70% of all digital displays in New York’s Times Square including for Aéropostale, Disney Store, Walgreens, ABC Studios, Forever 21, M&M World, and many more.

About D3 LED, LLC (D3) Founded in 2005, and with principal operations in New York City and Rancho Cordova, California, D3 is the world's leader in specialized LED digital display applications. Pioneers in design, engineering and technology, D3 manufactures highly sophisticated and innovative LED displays and out of home digital media systems that create engaging customer experiences for global brands and sports and entertainment venues. The Company's displays can be found throughout the world, and most notably include the Walgreens spectacular, ABC Studios super sign, JVC billboard display, Disney Store, Aéropostale, Quiksilver, and Forever 21—all located in New York's Times Square.

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